Franz Kafka Biography - Franz Kafka is ranked by many critics as one of the best and culturally influential author of 20th century. Born on July the 3rd in the year. Franz Kafka was a Czech novelist and short story writer who wrote in the German language. He is universally regarded as one of the major figures. Franz Kafka Biography. Franz Kafka was born into a middle-class, German-speaking Jewish family on July 3, in Prague, Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. Franz at the age of 5 Franz was the eldest of six children. The children were largely raised by a series of governesses and servants.


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His unique body of writing — much of which is incomplete and has been published posthumously — is among the most influential in Western literature.

She has no resources to escape from the nightmare. The term originally referred to situations in literature but has franz kafka biography to apply to real life situations that are over-complex or bizarrely illogical.

A Short Biography of Franz Kafka

Scholars have identified Kafka as having influenced several of the most well regarded 20th century writers, like J. Kafka franz kafka biography the degree of Doctor of Law on June 18, and performed an obligatory year of unpaid service as law clerk for the civil and criminal courts.

Work At the end of Kafka started working in a huge Italian insurance company, where he stayed for nearly a year. His correspondence during that period witnesses that he was unhappy with his working time schedule - from 8 p.

On July 15,he resigned, and few weeks later found more suitable employment with the Worker's Accident Franz kafka biography Institute for franz kafka biography Kingdom of Bohemia. He worked there until July when he retired for reasons of ill health.

Biography of Franz Kafka

He often referred to his job as franz kafka biography officer as a "bread job", a job done only to pay franz kafka biography bills. However, he did not show any signs of indifference towards his job, as the several promotions that he received during his career prove that he was a hardworking employee.

In parallel, Kafka was also committed to his literary work. Over the next five years they corresponded a great deal, met occasionally, and twice were engaged to be married.


Their relationship finally ended in InKafka began to suffer from tuberculosis, which franz kafka biography require frequent convalescence during which he was supported by his family, most notably his sister Ottla.

His father was a self-made middle class Jewish franz kafka biography, who raised his children in the hopes of assimilating them into the mainstream society of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

His diaries contain continuing accounts of his restlessness and sleeplessness as he would work all night writing, only to return to the office for the next day of work, throughly exhausted.


Although he spoke and wrote Czech fluently throughout his life, his franz kafka biography work was all completed in German. He is known to have started writing at an early age, but all of his earliest attempts were later destroyed.