Fly Fishing Knots. Albright Special. Albright Special. Join two fishing lines of unequal size or material. Arbor Knot. Arbor Knot. Davy Knot. Davy Knot. Harvey Dry Fly Knot. Harvey Dry Fly Knot. Homer Rhode Loop Knot. Homer Rhode Loop Knot. Improved Clinch Knot. Improved Clinch Knot. J Knot. J Knot. Knot Tyer Nail Knot. Fly fishermen depend on knots and must know how to tie several different knots properly. Here's how to tie some of the more common fly-fishing knots. Yes, you have to know a few more than seven knots to cover all of fly fishing, but these seven form the core. With them, the fly rodder can fish.


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How to tie basic fly-fishing knots – Boys' Life magazine

The Blood Knot is so called because people sweat blood when learning to tie it. Actually this knot isn't hard to learn, and it's a great connection between pieces of mono. The Blood Knot is thinner in diameter than a Surgeon's Knot and hangs up less in weeds.

The Nailless Nail Knot For connecting the backing and the fly line, leader and fly line, two pieces of leader material, for tying a sliding loop on fly fishing knots fly and for attaching the backing to the reel.

It's used to attach backing to the rear end of fly fishing knots fly line, and the leader or the connector to the front end of the fly line.

Fly Fishing Knots

I've used the Fly fishing knots sincebut didn't figure out the Nailless Nail Knot variation until I've used it continuously ever since. The Perfection Loop The Perfection Loop is used at the end of the connector, and at the end of the leader to provide a loop-to-loop juncture because the Perfection Loop forms in perfectly direct alignment with the mono.

A Surgeon's Loop angles off to the side of the material fly fishing knots can cause the connector-leader juncture to twist.

While the Perfection Loop looks difficult, it is rather easy and very fast to tie. It is just a series of loops.


The trick is to get the short end of the material behind the long end when forming the first loop. After that it's just a couple of loops, one wrapped over the other between the first two. The above is an abbreviated excerpt from Fly fishing knots Borger's latest book, Fly Gear.

They include popular knots like the perfection loop knot and water knot fly fishing knots well as one or two new fishing knots like Gray's Loop, a neat and simple fly fishing knots of attaching a leader loop to the end of a fly line.

Practical Fly Fishing Knots The diagram above illustrate the following knots: For added security, take the backing round the reel drum twice before tying the knot. After pulling the slip knot tight, trim the loose end but not too close to the knot.

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It should not be used with hollow braided nylon backing line, nor is it suitable for some modern lines with multistrand or monofilament cores. With the turns of the knot touching, pull steadily on fly fishing knots ends of the backing until the knot grips fly fishing knots fly line tightly.

Check the security of the knot by pulling the backing and fly line firmly in opposite directions.

Best Fly Fishing Knots animated and illustrated | Fishing Knots

When satisfied, trim the ends closely. This knot can also be used to tie a nylon leader directly to the end of a braided core fly line. The loose fly fishing knots can be trimmed very close to the knot. Not as difficult as it seems at first sight. Use the thumb and forefinger of the left hand to grip the knot fly fishing knots manipulating the loop with the right hand.

It is similar to the Grinner knot.