Objective:To lay down the procedure for release of finished products. Scope:This SOP covers the responsibility and procedure for the approval. A product release program is a great way to ensure that the finished food product that your food business sends out meets the desired safety attributes. FINISHED PRODUCT RELEASE SOP Template MD47 - Quality Control Labels and Quality Assurance Labels designed to help with GMP, QSR and ISO.


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Duties of an Authorised Person AP 2. The batch has been produced and finished product release in accordance with the requirements of the Marketing Authorisation1.

The batch has been produced and controlled in accordance with the Code of GMP as defined in the Manufacturing Principles for domestic sites or, in the case of a batch manufactured in finished product release overseas country, in accordance with good manufacturing practice standards at least equivalent to that Code of GMP.

Finished Product Release Testing | Tetragenx

All manufacturers involved in producing the batch: Finished product release the necessary checks and tests have been performed; including any additional sampling, inspection, tests or checks initiated because of deviations or planned changes. All necessary production and quality control documentation has been completed and endorsed by the staff authorised to do so.

For quality control documentation this includes out of specification OOS investigations. Any significant deviations or planned finished product release in production or quality control have been authorised by the persons responsible in accordance with a defined system.

Release of Finished Products - Pharmaceutical Guidance

Any changes requiring variation to the Marketing Authorisation or for domestic manufacturers to the manufacturing licence or for overseas manufacturers to the GMP clearance have been notified to and authorised by the TGA.

The GMP internal audits and supplier audits systems of the manufacturers involved are operational. Finished product release AP may delegate tasks to verify these requirements have been met to appropriately trained personnel or third finished product release.

It is recognised that the AP will need to rely on a quality management system. The AP should have on-going assurance that this reliance is well founded.

The responsibility to ensure that the quality review is performed in a timely manner and is accurate, as outlined in GMP clause 1. The responsibility finished product release monitor product stability in an on-going stability program, as outlined in GMP clauses 6.

SOP for finished product Inspection and Release in Pharmaceuticals

The AP responsible for release for supply has appropriate information in regard to PQRs and the on-going stability program, to undertake the release for supply finished product release. Appropriate information will be provided and clarified in Part 2.

Manufacture in different locations 3. In all cases, each stage should be conducted in accordance with the requirements outlined above in section finished product release. Regardless whether located in Australia or overseas, each site should have at its disposal the services of at least one AP.

Therefore, under the conditions outlined in section 3.

This finished product release be either an AP working within the same company on the same site or on a different site or an AP working with another manufacturer.

Regardless of how many sites are involved, the AP performing batch release for supply of the finished product must ensure that finished product release necessary steps have been completed through an appropriate quality management system.

Release of Finished Products

These agreements should each define the release for supply to the next manufacturer in the supply chain as applicable. All AP s involved, including the APs at sites of partial manufacture are provided finished product release access to all parts of the Marketing Authorisation that are relevant for the steps finished product release manufacture performed at the site for which they are the AP.

Additional details regarding the release process are provided in the relevant release procedures in the quality management systems of the manufacturers involved. All decisions to release for supply to the next step in manufacture are recorded through a legally valid signature, for example a full written signature on a paper document or an electronic signature in a validated electronic environment.


The AP performing release for supply of the finished product batch has accepted the quality management system used for this release for supply to the next step in manufacture, for example through the supplier qualification finished product release.