Tagged fightsaber, fightsaber academy, fightsaber singapore, icds, icds , jedi, lightsaber battle, lightsaber combat, lightsaber duel, lightsaber performance. Fightsaber: Jedi Lightsaber Combat is a 9-page reference article appearing in Star Wars Insider It was written by Dr. David West Reynolds, with the help of fencer and film choreography consultant Jack "Stelen" Bobo. The article introduced the seven forms of lightsaber combat. The seven forms were originally described in “Fightsaber,” an article in You were trained in Form VI, “the current standard in Jedi lightsaber training.” Sure, you could dig up an older style of lightsaber combat if you really.


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Star Wars: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Lightsaber Combat

Basic Lightsaber To continue my Star Wars informative posts from http: In the above cutaway, it is prudent to ignore most fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat the mumbo jumbo and just realize that A Lightsaber is a focused blade of energy that fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat determined by the quality and origin of the crystal at its center.

This crystal determines color and the strength of the blade. It is like holding just a metal casing. It requires muscles to use. Why can only a Force-User use a Lightsaber?


It is fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat like wielding an extremely light sword. But why would you use one? It's like bringing a knife to a gun fight this isn't COD. The force is important to the use because the force allows slight precognition, which allows a warrior to determine where a shot will be, and therefore block it.

Fightsaber Condensed--Lightsaber Combat

It is also necessary to the success against another in Lightsaber combat. The precognition that makes it possible to determine the trajectory of blaster bolts also assists in determining the next move of an opponent fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat react even before they do.


However, both people wielding the Lightsaber will usually have this advantage, therefore negating it. This is where the force assists with a person's concentration.

The force allows one to collate all the different things that one has learned about a person and what they know of Lightsaber combat itself and collapse all the possibilities of combat that their opponent could do next. It assists the trained mind, which is why a person more adept at Lightsaber combat could defeat someone with a greater command of the force.

Now that that is mostly cleared up, I fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat going to talk about the 7 Classic forms of Lightsaber combat, most widely used by the Jedi Order and many non-order force users. TL;DR If you bring a saber to a gun fight fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat not the force you are fucked.

It was established during the transition from swords to Lightsabers, so it contains more sword-like combat moves. It is not totally inferior to forms created specifically FOR Lightsaber combat, however, since it can be used fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat as a fall back form when one is unsure of what form to use.

It can also be useful when fighting multiple opponents, using sweeping strikes. Other than those few, pretty much every force-user in existence knows basic Shii-Cho techniques.

Fightsaber Jedi Lightsaber Combat.PNG

Count Dooku describes Shii-Cho as "deliberate fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat a lumberdroid, moving step by step, cutting off the angles, clumsy but relentlessly dogged. Moderately Low Control Needed: A Force-User using this form is likely in combat with another Force-Using opponent with a Lightsaber.

While Shii-Cho was known for wide-sweeping motions, Makashi is about precision strikes and avoiding disarmament. This form also allows one to better defend against sudden force attacks from an opponent. It is difficult however, to defeat an opponent quickly with this style, and usually a switch to a more offensive style is prudent when attempting to attack.

This, combined with a lack of attack power, were fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat most common weaknesses of Makashi.

Star Wars: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Lightsaber Combat | HuffPost

This form became more obsolete as time wore on, since Lightsaber combatants became less and less likely after the Rule of Two was put into effect by Darth Bane. Moderately Low Skill Needed: This fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat relies on the momentum of one's movement to minimize energy use, and creating an impenetrable field of defense.

However, Form I was not as useful against single opponents, as fightsaber jedi lightsaber combat enemies had complete mobility and could find a weakness in Shii-Cho's comparatively clumsy bladework.

Training and practice "Form I, also called Shii-Cho, requires little explanation, as every Jedi youngling learns the basics of attack, parry, body target zones, and practice drills called velocities.

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Form I training provided the basic knowledge of the sword-fighting principles and blast-deflection skill that was required for practice of all the other forms.