Ditch that part of the story for the meantime and write the climax point. Keep thinking of little snippets of dialogue, character development or place descriptions that don't exactly fit in the scene you're currently writing? Take the time to write them down and develop them while you're 'in the zone'. The fiction writer's choice of “literary techniques” is an important element of fiction. There are many techniques available to the writer, such as. Many fiction manuscripts submitted to my literary agency feel lackluster. Much genre fiction feels tired. Many mainstream and literary novels.


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fiction writing techniques Even ordinary people can be poets, prophets and saints. Here is an exercise designed to discover and utilize what is universal in the experience of your characters, especially when they are regular folk like you and me.

5 Powerful Writing Techniques That Bring Stories to Life

Write down what comes to mind when you read the fiction writing techniques below. Is your story realistic? Are your characters ordinary people? What in the world of your story makes you angry?

4 Techniques to Fire Up Your Fiction

What are we not seeing? What is the most important question? What puzzle has no answer? What is dangerous in this world?

Creative Writing/Fiction technique - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Where in the world of your story is there unexpected grace? Who is an unrecognized hero? What needs to be saved?


Give your feelings to a character. Who can stand for something?

Writing Guides

The writer can use three types of irony. The first is verbal irony. Essentially, the intended meaning of a statement is different fiction writing techniques the actual meaning. It is often a form of sarcasm.

The second type is situational Irony. Identify the dramatic action of your scene. Now, raise the stakes by establishing a clear underlying motivation.


Now, identify the opposite energy embodied in another character. What tactics might each character use to achieve their clashing goals?

Website of author Randy Susan Meyers

Then, organise the tactics to escalate in intensity. Try writing a scene using this backbone. Beats Beats can really help with editing and overwriting, as well as structuring dynamic scenes.