The main factors affecting rate of photosynthesis are light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature. Measurements of photosynthesis, dark respiration, and leaf chlorophyll content were made in the laboratory on both shallow (1 to 5 m) and deep (25 to 33 m). Factors Affecting Photosynthesis. Suggested Videos. General Introduction to Photosynthesis. Light. It is one of the major factors affecting photosynthesis. Carbon Dioxide Concentration. The atmosphere contains % of carbon dioxide amidst other gases. Temperature. Water. Oxygen.


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Carbon dioxide concentration Carbon dioxide - with water - is one of the reactants in photosynthesis. If the concentration of carbon dioxide is increased, the rate of photosynthesis will therefore increase. Again, at some point, a factors affecting photosynthesis may become limiting.

Temperature The chemical reactions that combine carbon dioxide and water to produce glucose are controlled by enzymes.


As with any other enzyme-controlled reaction, the rate factors affecting photosynthesis photosynthesis is affected by temperature. At low temperatures, the rate of photosynthesis is limited by the number of molecular collisions between enzymes and substrates.

At high temperatures, enzymes are denatured.

BBC Bitesize - GCSE Biology (Single Science) - Photosynthesis - OCR Gateway - Revision 2

Chlorophyll absorbs the light energy required to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose. Chlorophyll is green - so absorbs the red and blue parts of the electromagnetic spectrum factors affecting photosynthesis reflects the green part of factors affecting photosynthesis spectrum.

Leaves with more chlorophyll are better able to absorb the light required for photosynthesis. The compensation point These graphs have been plotted with rate of photosynthesis against the factor under investigation.

What factors affect the rate of photosynthesis in plants? | MyTutor

If oxygen production or carbon dioxide uptake is used as a measure of photosynthetic rate, the graphs are slightly different. Photo-oxidation is maximal when O2 is present or carotenoids are absent factors affecting photosynthesis CO2 concentration is low.

The action spectrum for photosynthesis in leaves shows two major peaks, one in the factors affecting photosynthesis and the other one in the blue Fig.

In these regions, chlorophylls absorb maximal light.

15 Main Factors Affecting Photosynthesis

Most effective wavelengths differ with different plants. It is of interest to note that plants show high photosynthesis in the blue and red light while red algae do so in green light and brown algae in blue light. The blue-green algae have factors affecting photosynthesis spectrum peak in yellow or orange light.

In general, a plant will accomplish factors affecting photosynthesis photosynthesis when exposed to long periods of light. It has also been found that uninterrupted and continuous photosynthesis for relatively long periods of time, may be sustained without any visible damage to the plant.

We factors affecting photosynthesis also do well to bear in mind that if we remove the source of light, the rate of CO2 fixation falls to zero immediately.

Factors affecting photosynthesis has been shown to inhibit photosynthesis in C3 plants while C4 plants show little effect. It is suggested that C4 plants have photorespiration and high O2 stimulates it.

Oxygen is inhibitory to photosynthesis because it would favour a more rapid respiratory rate utilizing common intermediates, thus reducing photosynthesis. Secondly, oxygen may compete with CO2 and hydrogen becomes reduced factors affecting photosynthesis place of CO2.

10 Major Factors Affecting Photosynthesis

Thirdly, O2 destroys the excited triplet state of chlorophyll and thus inhibits photosynthesis. It may be stated that direct effect of O2 on photosynthesis remains factors affecting photosynthesis be understood.

Water is an essential raw material in carbon assimilation. The decrease in water contents of the soil from field capacity to the permanent wilting point results in the decreased photosynthesis.

The inhibitory effect factors affecting photosynthesis primarily attributed to increased dehydration of protoplasm and also stomatal closure.


The removal of water from the protoplasm also affects its colloidal state, impairs enzymatic efficiency, inhibits vital processes like respiration, photosynthesis etc.

Dehydration may even damage the micromolecular structure of the chloroplasts. factors affecting photosynthesis

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  • 15 Main Factors Affecting Photosynthesis
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It is also assumed that primary factors affecting photosynthesis of dehydration in retarding photosynthesis is due to stomatal closure which reduces CO2 absorption.

Water deficiency may cause drying of the cell walls of mesophyll cells, reducing their permeability to CO2.

Water deficiency may accumulate sugars and thus increase respiration and decrease photosynthesis.