Evangelii nuntiandi is an apostolic exhortation issued on 8 December by Pope Paul VI on . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version  Missing: italiano ‎| ‎Must include: ‎italiano. EVANGELII NUNTIANDI. APOSTOLIC EXHORTATION OF HIS HOLINESS POPE PAUL VI. TO THE EPISCOPATE, TO THE CLERGY AND TO. evangelii nuntiandi, de evangelizatione in mundus huius temporis. Ita prorsus: Evangelii nuntiatio necessaria est, una est, eique nulla alia.


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Evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano introduction articulates evangelization as the Church's primary service.

An adherence to the truths which the Lord in His mercy has revealed; still more, an adherence to a program of life - a life henceforth transformed - which He proposes.


In a word, adherence to the kingdom, that is to say, to the "new world," to the new state of things, to the new manner of being, of living, of living in community, which the Gospel inaugurates. Such an adherence, which cannot remain abstract and unincarnated, reveals itself concretely by a visible entry evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano a community of believers.

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Thus those whose life has been transformed enter a community which is itself a sign of transformation, a sign of newness of life: In the dynamism of evangelization, a person who accepts the Church as the Word which saves[54] normally translates it into the following sacramental acts: Finally, the person who has been evangelized evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano on to evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano others.

Here lies the test of truth, the touchstone of evangelization: To complete these considerations on the meaning of evangelization, a final observation must be made, one which we consider will help to clarify the reflections that follow.

Evangelization, as we have said, is a complex process made up of varied elements: These elements may appear to be contradictory, indeed mutually exclusive.

In fact they are complementary and mutually enriching.

Each one must always be seen in relationship with the others. The value of the last Synod evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano to have constantly invited us to relate these elements rather than to place them in opposition one to the other, in order to reach a full understanding of the Church's evangelizing activity.

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It is this global vision which we now wish to outline, by examining the content of evangelization and the methods of evangelizing and by clarifying evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano whom the Gospel message is addressed and who today is responsible for it.

In the message which the Church proclaims there are certainly many secondary elements.

Evangelii Nuntiandi: On Evangelization in the Modern World

Their presentation depends greatly on changing circumstances. They themselves also change.


But there is the essential content, the living substance, which cannot be modified or ignored without seriously diluting the nature of evangelization itself.

It is not superfluous to recall the following points: Perhaps this attestation of God will be for many people the unknown God[55] whom they adore without giving Him a name, or whom they seek by a evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano call of the heart evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano they experience the emptiness of all idols.

But it is fully evangelizing in manifesting the fact that for man the Creator is not an anonymous and remote power; He is the Father: Evangelization will also always contain - as the foundation, center, and at the same time, summit of its dynamism - a clear proclamation that, in Jesus Christ, the Son of God made man, who died and rose from the dead, salvation is offered to all men, as a gift of God's grace and mercy.


Evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano evangelization cannot but include the prophetic proclamation of a hereafter, man's profound and definitive calling, in both continuity and discontinuity with the present situation: The preaching likewise - and this is always urgent - of the search for God Himself through evangelii nuntiandi pdf italiano which is principally that of adoration and thanksgiving, but also through communion with the visible sign of the encounter with God which is the Church of Jesus Christ; and this communion in its turn is expressed by the application of those other signs of Christ living and acting in the Church which are the sacraments.