Abstract This article reviews research on electoral fraud—clandestine and illegal efforts to shape election results. Only a handful of works classify reports on. Electoral fraud, election manipulation, or vote rigging is illegal interference with the process of an election, either by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both.‎Specific methods · ‎Electorate manipulation · ‎Vote buying · ‎Prevention. ELECTORAL MALPRACTICES, THE BANE OF NIGERIAN POLITICS BY UGWUANYI MALACHY(FCT/13C/) President, Eco vanguard C.D.S Group In any.


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Electoral Malpractice - Oxford Scholarship

The principal argument of the book is that factors affecting the costs of electoral malpractice are crucial in determining whether leaders will, electoral malpractices any given context, seek to rig elections. Contains evidence-based proposals for improving electoral conduct Describes and analyses a new comparative dataset Electoral Malpractice Comparative Politics Description Elections ought in theory to go a long way toward making democracy 'work', but in many contexts, they fail to embody democratic ideals because they are affected by electoral manipulation and misconduct.

This book undertakes an analytic and explanatory investigation of electoral malpractice, which is understood as taking three principal forms: Nepotism and electoral malpractices are known to erase merit and encourage mediocrity.

It is this desire of some Nigerians to place their friends or families at top through the backdoor that prompts them to employ all forms of electoral malpractices, to achieve their aim. Imagine a Nigerian spending, years studying at the university, coupled with a year of National service, only to graduate and join the army of unemployed Nigerian electoral malpractices.


A graduate or non- graduate electoral malpractices has spent many years jobless, will jump at any opportunity to make electoral malpractices cash even if it involves violence. The recent carnage that followed the last Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment exercise is just a tip of the iceberg.

Unemployment has provided political leviathans with the necessary personnel to perpetrate, with ease all forms of electoral malpractices.

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Surprisingly, these electoral malpractices Nigerians are negatively employed in the following positions I. Body guards to politicians II.

Ballot box snatchers III. Violence activators The above position are used to effectively plan, manage and implement electoral malpractices all over Nigeria, during elections, courtesy of unemployment. A desire to do the wrong thing at the right time, the right thing at the wrong time and to totally break laws.

A simple drive around Nigerian electoral malpractices for instance, reveals funny but pitiable breaches, like cars beating traffic, Policemen receiving bribes, use of residential houses for commercial business e. I dare to opine that most average Nigerians, are not interested, in the greater interest of the country, instead it is all about their personal selves.


I have severally argued and I state it again that, our problem in this country is not paucity of electoral malpractices, rather we have a culture of electoral malpractices implementing laws, we are not patriotic.

The following instances will clarify my argument I.


Bail is supposed to be free, yet you must pay heavily before electoral malpractices free a citizen II. Doctors are presently on strike, because of their selfish interest III. Many civil electoral malpractices above 70 years are still working at the civil service e.

electoral malpractices I verily believe that in a country like Nigeria, where electoral malpractices are prevalent, there is a need to specifically tackle the problem. Electoral offences commission should be established.

This commission should electoral malpractices tasked with the responsibility of criminal prosecution of electoral offenders. The establishment of this commission will deter persons from committing electoral offences and ensure the conviction of offenders.

The Value system in our great country is horrible.


There is an urgent need for reorientation of values in our society. The electoral malpractices unit of every society is the family. Parents are expected to teach their children patriotism, accountability, honesty and other virtues electoral malpractices build good character.

The youths should electoral malpractices discouraged from accepting societal evils like malpractices and corruption. Election teams and all staff involved in the processes of voters registration, votes counting and announcing the results will also be responsible if they really fear the penalties.

Defining Electoral Integrity and Electoral Malpractice

Education Training and educational programs can help raise the political awareness, get professionals among electoral staff and political parties and explain to citizens how important each voice is.

Only political training electoral malpractices describe the importance and consequences of what electoral malpractices be done, and what is taboo. Reforms The Nigerian government has to perform reforms.

It is necessary to figure out the problems in the electoral system and present solutions for them.