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Previous reports have described the intake characteristics of adult participants in detail ref Pinto and the prospective course of adults at two ref Eisen ebook ocd 2.0 five year follow-up assessments ref Eisen.

For this analysis, we restricted the adult sample to the adults who met full DSM-IV criteria for OCD at study intake and completed at least two years of follow-up.

Procedures The ebook ocd 2.0 was approved by the Butler Hospital and Brown University institutional review boards.

Long-term Course of Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Three Years of Prospective Follow-up

Children and adolescents ebook ocd 2.0 written assent and a parent completed written consent procedures before enrollment.

All ebook ocd 2.0 completed a rigorous training protocol including didactic seminars on DSM-IV diagnoses and each of the study instrumentsviewing and rating sample tapes, rating several live mock participants, observing and coding actual interviews conducted by a senior rater.

More detailed information regarding interviewer training and interrater reliability procedures can be found elsewhere [ 12 ]. Assessments consisted of a semi-structured clinical interview, rater-administered measures, and self-report questionnaires.

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For children ages 6—12the parent was interviewed first followed by the child. For adolescent participants ages 13—18the adolescent was interviewed first ebook ocd 2.0 by the parent.

At the end of the interview, the rater met with both the participant and the parent and attempted to clarify discrepancies. Raters then prepared a ebook ocd 2.0 summary report describing psychiatric symptoms and DSM-IV diagnoses and presented each case at weekly research staff meetings.


Discrepancies between parent and child report were resolved by expert consensus ratings a psychiatrist and psychologist with expertise in OCD at these meeting. Prior to data entry, interview data were reviewed by senior staff members for clinical and clerical accuracy.

Measures A semi-structured ebook ocd 2.0 administered questionnaire was used to collect detailed information on demographic and clinical features of OCD as well as treatment history [ ebook ocd 2.0 ].

Long-term Course of Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Three Years of Prospective Follow-up

Structured diagnostic interviews were used to obtain Axis I ebook ocd 2.0. The CY-BOCS was slightly modified to include developmentally-appropriate probes and has demonstrated psychometric properties equivalent to those of the original adult version [ 18 ]. Insight into OCD symptoms was assessed in adolescent participants using the adolescent version of the Brown Assessment of Beliefs Scale A-BABS [ 19 ], a 6-item scale yielding scores from 0 excellent insight to 24 delusional.

Insight into OCD for children was not assessed ebook ocd 2.0 there is no comparable measure of insight that has been validated for this age group. The MASC total score ranges from 0 to with higher scores indicating higher levels of anxiety.

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Lower scores indicate greater severity and impairment in ebook ocd 2.0 [ 22 ]. Follow-up interviews were conducted yearly using a child and adolescent adaptation of the Longitudinal Interval Follow-up Evaluation LIFE [ 23 ] a semi-structured interview designed to assess the longitudinal course of Axis I disorders and psychosocial functioning.

Relapse was defined as meeting full criteria for Ebook ocd 2.0 i. PSR 4—6 for 4 consecutive weeks after having achieved a partial or full remission of symptoms. The Y-LIFE also assesses weekly medication usage as well as psychosocial treatments received during each follow-up interval. Whenever possible, clinical records were consulted to verify participant reports of treatments received.

Data Analysis Descriptive analyses consisted of frequencies, percentages, means, and standard deviations.

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All analyses were two-tailed and used the. Three-year course data were examined using standard survival analysis methods, incorporating Kaplan-Meier life tables for probabilities of remission.

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Stratified life table survival estimates were used to compare rates of remission of the pediatric sample to those of the adult sample.