Dork Diaries book collection first video! Cutie Pup. Loading Unsubscribe from Cutie Pup? Cancel. A middle-grade book series about Nikki Maxwell's humorous & dramatic life written in diary format by Rachel Renée Russell and illustrated by her daughter Nikki. Dork Diaries By Rachel Renee Russell 12 Books Collection Set. Titles are Puppy Love, Holiday Heartbreak, TV Star, Pop Star, OMG, Skating Sensation, Party.


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Roach on top of dork diaries collection car of the exterminator? King of the Hill. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Did they select editors for this series that have recently returned from a deserted island where there was no exposure to books, movies, television shows, magazines, or any other facet of pop culture?

Fifth, the writing is terrible.

Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a NOT-SO-Fabulous Life

And it isn't funny -- at all. Several of the attempts to be funny are so bad I rolled my eyes and almost stopped reading.

It's actually painful to read. When I think of what I want my niece to read, it's funny, rich, interesting books that offer an idea of girlhood that differs from a subscription to Us Weekly.

dork diaries collection

The Dork Diaries Collection

The author doesn't seem to know what to make Nikki do, so she strung together a bunch of tropes and cliches, and somehow got a book dork diaries collection. I took them back, and exchanged them for some journals to dork diaries collection my niece to keep writing her own stories.

That seems a way better option than exposing her to this.

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Every character appears to be thin, well-groomed, and immaculately dressed. When was the last time you encountered a middle school kid who met any of those qualifications? Second, this "dork" is actually mean.

She hates the pretty girl for being pretty, draws a number of pictures mocking the people who are actually dorks, constantly gripes about people who are "weird" or "different" and spends a majority of her time pursuing social acceptance dork diaries collection the people she claims to hate.

Her primary preoccupation is whether she'll ever be dork diaries collection, but it's never explained why this is so important to her. Most kids with this ambition don't have much else going on.

Dork Diaries Collection Rachel Renee Russell 10 Books Set | | Buy Books

When was the last time you met an art dork who actually wanted to hang out with the cool kids? Third, it's completely unrealistic. And when I say dork diaries collection, I mean middle school kids don't talk like this, act like this, communicate this way, etc.


That's possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. What's secret dork diaries collection covert about that, exactly? Even before cell phones we still had the sense to fold the note and pass it.

Nikki Maxwell, main character in the Dork Diaries series. MacKenzie always wears top designer outfits, carries expensive bags, and wears a lot of lip gloss.

The Dork Diaries Collection

She, too, has a crush on Brandon Roberts and tries to dork diaries collection with him by twirling her hair whenever possible. MacKenzie does not like Nikki and calls her a dork.

She talks behind Nikki's back and dork diaries collection to wreck her life with the help of her friend, Jessica. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an annoying little sister named Amanda.