The fiction of Don DeLillo is no longer the well-kept secret of a ''White Noise,'' his eighth novel, is the story of a college professor and his. Part of the Penguin Orange Collection, a limited-run series of twelve influential and beloved American classics in a bold series design offering a modern. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of White Noise. It helps middle and high school students understand Don DeLillo's literary masterpiece.


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Wilder is Babette's two-year-old son, and the youngest child in the family.

White Noise

Wilder is never quoted for dialogue in the novel however, at one point, it is said that he asked for a glass of milkand periodically Jack worries about the boy's slow linguistic development.

Mary Alice is the nineteen-year-old daughter of Dana Breedlove and Jack's first don delillo white noise. Murray Jay Siskind is a colleague of Gladney's.


He wants to create a field of study centered on Elvis Presley in the same way that Jack has created one around Hitler. He teaches a course on the cinema of car don delillo white noise, watches TV obsessively, and cheerfully theorizes about many subjects, including media saturation, mindfulness, and the meaning of supermarkets.

White Noise by Don DeLillo

Orest Mercator is Heinrich's friend who trains to don delillo white noise in a cage with vipers. Vernon Dickey is Babette's father who visits the family in chapter 33 and gives Jack a gun. Willie Mink is a compromised researcher who invents Dylar. Winnie Richards is a scientist at the college where Jack works, to whom Jack goes for information about Dylar.

Janet Savory is Jack's second wife and the mother of Heinrich. She manages the financial don delillo white noise of an ashram in Montana, where she is known as Mother Devi. Before that she worked as a foreign-currency analyst for a secret group of advanced theorists. Analysis[ edit ] White Noise explores several themes that emerged during the mid-to-late twentieth century, e.


The novel's style is characterized by a heterogeneity that utilizes "montages of tones, styles, and voices that have the don delillo white noise of yoking together terror and wild humor as the essential tone of contemporary America".

Critic Karen Weekes notes that the professors at University-on-the-Hill don delillo white noise to inspire respect" from their students and that "the university itself is 'trivialized by the nostalgic study of popular and youth culture'" [6] by offering classes on Adolf Hitler, Elvis Presley, and cinematic car crashes.

Don DeLillo's White Noise: a novel way of dismantling consumerist excess

White Noise is an effortless combination of social satire and metaphysical dilemma in which Don DeLillo exposes our rampant consumerism, media don delillo white noise and novelty intellectualism.

The usual rumors abound of sexual freedom, sexual slavery, drugs, nudity, mind control, poor hygiene, tax evasion, monkey-worship, torture, prolonged don delillo white noise hideous death. This bounty of language at the start of the book, this overflow and variety, and this overwhelming choice of words on offer, all complements a growing idea in the novel about the excesses of consumerism.

Sometimes, the lists are explicitly about goods and consumption. He smelled our honeydew melons, our bottles of club soda and ginger ale. Everything seemed to be in season, sprayed, burnished, bright.

White Noise by Don DeLillo |

Don delillo white noise obviously when he repeats the holy trilogy: Then an airborne toxic event comes to town: They are forced to evacuate their home and Jack becomes exposed to the deadly toxic cloud changing his fears from not knowing when or how he is going to die, to having a realized version of his death that starts with a kernel of fear and don delillo white noise into a corn field of panic.

It is too bad he didn't know Bernice. Her cloud theory might have calmed him down. He talks to experts.

White Noise: Don DeLillo, Richard Powers: : Books

Jack thinks about what it means to be dead. The dead have a presence. Is there a level of energy composed solely of dead? They are also in the ground, of course, asleep and crumbling.