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CEIP Ciudad de Córdoba |

This paper aimed to describe and analyse the development and deployment of an educational tool that addresses topics such as waste, costs and optimization.

The used methodology in this research was the research-action, applied directly in the groups already organised by FAS.

The research results show that the developed tool could be added to other actions along the groups and help to achieve economic autonomy of the supported citizens. Furthermore, there will be an increase in the group self-esteem, decroly y el juego them more united and motivated.

Colegio Jesus Maria Burgos

Introduction Decroly y el juego many developing countries, numerous families find themselves in a troublesome situation regarding their health and finances.

A considerable part of the low waged slice also has another complicating: In Curitiba south decroly y el juego Brazilthe portion of low educated people illiterate of who did not finish basic education in was 2. The autonomous search for an alternative income form often results in poor working conditions and low financial return.

In this context, the actions in the social field have their point of action, since a significant portion of them has the goal of dealing with poverty OLIVEIRA, The presence of institutions for this purpose social action has been shown to be beneficial to the community of the region of Curitiba - city analysed in this research.

It operates in an integrated manner to government agencies and NGOs that make up the social assistance network in the city FAS, Efforts are scoped the consolidation of social assistance in the city, according to the guidelines of the Unified Social Assistance System SUAS - public system that organises social assistance services in Brazil.

Preferably geared to citizens, groups and families who find themselves at risk and social vulnerability, the decroly y el juego are organised into levels of social protection: Its social protection focuses on families and individuals whose rights have been violated and have their family ties either broken or weakened.


Both services are available in the categories of medium and high complexity. The field of Endeavor of the social-action covers professional training and development of entrepreneurs, providing courses in different areas and integration workshops.


These improvements are done while maintaining the priority on the most socially vulnerable because, in this way, the process contributes to their autonomy and increase in the family income.

The services and activities aim to prevent risk situations, strengthening the role decroly y el juego the family as a reference to each of its members and the strengthening of its internal and external links.

Families served by CRAS are invited to decroly y el juego in social and educational activities that seek to raise awareness of the development of personal entrepreneurial characteristics. The maturity in the development cycle is reached by the group when it conquests autonomy and emancipation of the services offered by CRAS, by the results from the sale of its products.

However, because of the low education of the group members, there is a substantial difficulty in solving some issues encountered during the process. At this decroly y el juego, it was glimpsed a possibility of establishing a partnership between University and FAS.

Welcome to Decroly, Panevėžys Colleagues!

These arrangements decroly y el juego groups that produce handcrafted products to be sold in specific fairs and use the money raised by sales as an income increase.

The project is educational in the sense that the students of Production Engineering have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and techniques learned in the lectures.


This out of Academy use enables the generation of employment and extra income for those involved. The mutual learning configures a win-win decroly y el juego as the APLs have a private production orientation and the students decroly y el juego the opportunity of having field studies.

Thus, the UFPR contributes with the education of production engineers showing concern with social aspects at the same time the government is contributing to the creation of jobs and income for people in situations of risk and social vulnerability.

Still in an entrepreneurial approach, Dornelas the classification of an entrepreneur is an "eminent opportunities identifier".

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Dornelas highlights elements an entrepreneur definition should include: