De ontdekking van de hemel - Harry Mulisch. I'm a little behind on my reading this week, mostly because I put a book down to start The. The Discovery of Heaven is a novel by Dutch writer Harry Mulisch. It is considered Original title, De ontdekking van de hemel. Translator, Paul hed in English‎: ‎ Directed by Jeroen Krabbé. With Maureen Lipman, Will Bowden, Jeroen Krabbé, Stephen Fry. God is disappointed with the human race and wants his stone.


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The Discovery of Heaven

Quinten reveals himself at an early de ontdekking van de hemel as a boy with special gifts. An angel appears to him in a dream and gives him the task of searching for the stone tablets with the Ten De ontdekking van de hemel, finding them and bringing them back to heaven.

An adult Quinten eventually reaches Jerusalem where an exciting and overwhelming denouement takes place. In De ontdekking van de hemel Mulisch pulls out all the stops and writes on all possible levels: Het verhaal is dus niet filmisch.

Je merkt voortdurend dat de scriptschrijver grote bewondering heeft voor het boek en zoveel mogelijk het boek wil volgen.

De ontdekking van de hemel

Dat werkt dus niet en daarom werkt The Discovery of De ontdekking van de hemel als film ook niet. Om te beginnen is het verhaal van Mulisch al gekunsteld.

Gekunsteld omdat het uitgangspunt vreemd is, God is ernstig teleurgesteld in de mensheid en daarom neemt hij de Tien Geboden terug. Zijn die opeens niet meer geldig dan? I've only read one of his other works the Assault, also made into a film, I think that one got an Oscar so I'm not much of a judge in that respect.

If by great he mean that it's a big book he's de ontdekking van de hemel right. My Dutch copy had pages.


I expect it'll be a bit shorter in English. English tends to be a bit more efficient. Mulisch has been ridiculed in recent years over his, shall we say, less than modest opinion about himself.

Apparently he is trying to best Goethe.

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Rather ambitious to say the least. Truth be told, Mulisch is a very good author. One of the biggest names in modern Dutch literature.

The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch

Obligatory almost, in every literature class over here. Which is probably why it took me so long to pick up this particular book. The book triggered hysterical reactions in the press. One of the leading Dutch literary critics, Carel Peeters, was so taken with the book that he dedicated not one review to it, but a series of reviews spanning several issues of the Vrij Nederland, a rather serious Dutch de ontdekking van de hemel magazine.

The public reaction to so much hype was predictable: Almost everyone interested de ontdekking van de hemel Dutch literature has read the book, and I guess that this is the reason why so many people are so favorable of the film: However, that doesn't make this picture a good one.

I for one did not read the book, so there were no memories to cloud my eyes.

The Discovery of Heaven -

I was sad to discover that de ontdekking van de hemel emperor isn't wearing any clothes whatsoever. Max realizes the child is equally likely to be his and decides to leave Ada and Onno, filled with feelings of guilt. After the marriage, he leaves for Westerborka former holding camp for Jews in the Netherlands who would subsequently be sent to Nazi concentration camps in Germany and Eastern Europe, now hosting one of Europe's biggest radio telescopes.