Find the complete Dark Inside book series by Jeyn Roberts. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over $ "There is something about DARK INSIDE that registers on the inside, and Debut author Jeyn Roberts weaves these four stories together in a. Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts – review. 'If you are a fan of dystopian and zombie apocalypse themes then you should definitely read this.


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Dark inside jeyn roberts will be reading the sequel that I'm sure is coming so perhaps I will be wowed there and realise I was wrong to doubt Jeyn Roberts ability to create a successful dystopia.

So far it all doesn't make sense as to why these people's minds have been hijacked But an earthquake that makes people get super angry? So here's the five main things that turned me off in this book: I have never known it to work and I have never enjoyed a book with more than two main perspectives.

In fact, to be honest, I'm not a big fan of dark inside jeyn roberts perspectives at all.

Dark Inside | Book by Jeyn Roberts | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Furthermore, these characters did not have distinct enough voices to allow four different POVs to work, I could only tell them apart by the stuff that happened to them, like "so this is the one who's mum died" and "this is dark inside jeyn roberts one who's trying to find her brother", but dark inside jeyn roberts I was clueless.

There was a bit where Michael teamed up with a group of people he'd met and he spoke effectionately of two of these characters who he referred to as 'the mother' and 'the child'.


There's a scene that should have been dramatic and emotional except it wasn't because I couldn't relate to Michael's feelings towards people who I knew only as 'the mother' and 'the child'.

There were so many one-dimensional characters in this book. All the four dark inside jeyn roberts spent the novel doing their dark inside jeyn roberts individual things and telling their own stories and then, like lightning, they all just happen to, well, run into one another.

It felt to me like the author had not given much thought to their meeting and wanted simply to get it over with, it was weird the way it happened so fast and read a little ridiculously. As with the turning a corner and "oh my god monsters! Aries would be running and she'd knock into a guy who says "hi, I'm Mason But I felt that there was so little given away in this novel that I came away at the end with nothing.

We travel through the books with these characters, we witness earthquakes, murders, heartache You could have given us something!

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts – review

I was sick of hearing the dark inside jeyn roberts protagonists apologise by saying "sorry, I'm such a girl". There is nothing to do except run. You cannot trust anyone, not even yourself. Trying to navigate a safe path in this new world is far from easy.

Dark Inside

Battling the crazy killers is not the only thing they have to compete with. With the lack of food and the prospect of yet more earthquakes, will the teens is able to survive?

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Will they be able to find their family or friends? Who can they trust? Can they even trust themselves?

Dark Inside Series

I liked how the book was a mix between a zombie apocalypse and a dystopian novel. It was enthralling and hard to put down, but also very creepy dark inside jeyn roberts times because it was so realistic and chilling. You could almost believe that this could one day happen to us.