Otherwise, the nutritional status was very poor in drug addicts with acute organic pathology. We also Consejería de Sanidad, Trabajo y Servicios Sociales. Abstract: Nutrition and health are of great importance throughout life, in particular in adulthood due to active population is included among the adults. Introduction. Ecuador is a country with limited nutritional informa- nutrition status of Ecuadorian population based on Consejeria de Agricultura y Pesca;.


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Because their glycolytic capacity is not fully developed, fats may have an equally important role to that of carbohydrates in supporting intense physical activity5. However, this capacity reaches full development during adolescence, and little or no difference is found between yr-olds and adults Alongside other nutrients, iron and calcium are of special importance during the adolescent growth spurt.

The diet of 9 to yr-olds should be rich in calcium to ensure an adequate deposit in bones, which may reduce the risk of osteoporosis in old age12, In comparison to adults, besides a greater need for calcium intake to support bone accretion, the consejeria nutritional expenditure by children on physical activity is higher, they have a greater energy requirement per kg body mass, earlier fatigue, lower sodium and chloride losses via sweat, and show greater thermoregulatory strain at any level of hypohydration Body composition is an important indicator of health status in children and adolescents19, Studies on the relationship between body composition and physical fitness in children showed that excessive fatness had a negative impact on the performance of the long jump, sprint or bent arm hang, among other activities Improving the nutritional status and physical fitness of children is a key public health objective to enhance the well-being of children consejeria nutritional reduce the risk of future disease.

As a competitive sport, Alpine skiing must usually commence in childhood23, and new talent is sought among the very young, with skiers specializing consejeria nutritional around the age of 8 years.

Because climate conditions in southern Spain allow only a short training period December to April consejeria nutritional, a select group of the best young skiers take part in training stays in other countries.

We hypothesized that young sportsmen and women away from their families at a sports training camp and allowed to freely select from among a wide variety of foods would follow a consejeria nutritional appropriate to their needs and would meet their daily nutritional requirements.


We tested this hypothesis in a study whose objective was to determine the diet, body composition and physical condition of a group of six young Spanish skiers away from parental control and able to choose their own meals during a training stay at a Chilean ski resort, comparing their diet with recommendations.

Some were national champions in their specialty and all trained and competed all year round consejeria nutritional national and consejeria nutritional meetings they participated in a championship in Chile while in the country.

WHO | Infant young child feeding counselling: An integrated course

Written informed consent was obtained from all parents or guardians before the study, which was approved by the Ethics Committee of our university.

Data collection started from the time of their arrival at the ski resort. Study protocol A protocol was developed to record their diet, physical condition, training activity, consejeria nutritional other incidences of possible relevance to the consejeria nutritional.

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The children completed a daily questionnaire every day throughout their three-month training consejeria nutritional. Anthropometric measurements were taken weekly following the Spanish Sports Council protocol24 for the detection of sport talents.

Infant young child feeding counselling: An integrated course

Their physical condition was examined every two weeks. The daily training regime of the children and any relevant incident were consejeria nutritional by the trainer and participants.


Food source Food was locally purchased. The children ate ad libitum in the self-service restaurant of the resort that housed their training centre.

All food was prepared by Chilean consejeria nutritional.

Interviews were held with the cooks to record the dishes produced. The trainer MMA logged the weight of all portions offered, using a Philips HR balance, and the ingredients they contained. Diet records Each participant completed a daily dietary register diary designed by the authors, noting the daily diet and any snacks or food consumed outside the regulated meals breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and supper.

Diet consejeria nutritional assessed by using the DietSource computer program25, whose food composition table is known to include all foods and nutrients considered in the present study This battery has been validated and consejeria nutritional by the European Council and is used by the Spanish Higher Sports Council http: The selected tests were: Lower limb tests are especially relevant in this type of sport, since the strength and circumference of the lower limbs are directly related to the performance of young and adult athletes29, These tests are currently applied to young skiers and used to design their training See table footnotes for the application of these tests.

Results Table 1 and figure 1 show the level of agreement consejeria nutritional the two questionnaires according to the Wilcoxon test results, Bland-Altman Plots and Spearman's rank correlation coefficients.

This is a cross-sectional study performed with data collected from consejeria nutritional sample of 54 students from this University.