Jynx ruficollis 39 aeruginosus, Colaptes affinis, Veniliornis affinis, Colaptes rivolii atricollis, Colaptes atricollis, Colaptes atricollis This image, which was originally posted to Flickr, was uploaded to Commons using Flickr upload bot on 13 November , by. From scientific name of an organism: This is a redirect from a scientific name of an organism (or group of organisms) to a vernacular ("common") name.


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A vote of "YES" supports the transfer of the "Chloronerpes" woodpeckers from their colaptes atricollis allocation in Piculus to be placed within Colaptes.

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  • Colaptes atricollis (Malherbe, 1850)
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Check-list of North American birds, 7th ed. American Ornithologists' Union, Washington, D.

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Evolutionary history of woodpeckers and allies Aves: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution: Catalogue of birds of the Americas colaptes atricollis the adjacent islands.

The Howard and Moore complete checklist of the birds of the world.


Check-list of birds of the world. Harvard University Press, Cambridge.

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Comparative evolution of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene and nuclear B-fibrinogen intron 7 in woodpeckers. Subgenus Colaptes colaptes atricollis Typical flickers Most have brown or green backs, wings with black barring, and colorful markings on the head.

The underside ranges from beige colaptes atricollis yellowish, with black spotting or barring. The most famous member of this genus is the Northern Flicker Colaptes auratus - known colaptes atricollis parts of the American south as the 'Yellowhammer'.

Colaptes atricollis

It is the state bird of Alabama and the state's nickname is the 'Yellowhammer State'. Northern FlickerColaptes auratus.

In between there is a considerable variety of species, all of a roughly similar shape and design, inhabiting forests and woodlands through the world colaptes atricollis Australasia and Antarctica. Covering species, this book is the first definitive photographic guide to woodpeckers.

Colaptes atricollis atricollis [version 1] Howard and Moore 4th edition incl. Colaptes atricollis atricollis [version 1] Handbook of the Birds of the World vol Colaptes colaptes atricollis atricollis [version 1] James Lee Peters original: Chrysoptilus atricollis atricollis [version 1] James Lee Peters 2nd edition: Chrysoptilus atricollis atricollis [version 1] Zoonomen - Colaptes atricollis Nomenclature Resource: