Original Comic Art titled Francisco Ibañez Mortadelo y Filemon Clever & Smart , located in Monty's IBAÑEZ, Fancisco - Mortadelo y Filemón / Clever. The British Library has announced a new exhibition of the graphic artform, rethinking it as a research tool. BBC Culture rounds up five smart. Advertise. Media Kit. Comics Reviews Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. View Mobile Site. Bethesda E3 Cloak & Dagger Xbox E3.


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49 fascinating and intelligent grown-up graphic novels and comic books

One example is Chuck Norris ' films. In 20, leguas de viaje sibilino in which they must go from Madrid to Lugo going around the worldone of the clever and smart comics is China. This one works really well though, Mortadelo just makes up a really bold lie so that they are healed.

Sometimes, both of them are held in specially tiny spaces. This will result in either of the following: Another one has Mortadelo practicing horse riding.

Clever & Smart Comic-Taschenbuch [GER]

Cue a horse coming out of the drawer. Another one combines the two outcomings. While stretching back to his size, Mortadelo comments that he's killed some time by taming lions. Cue some TIA clever and smart comics bringing a badly injured cleaning lady, who has been attacked by lions while cleaning the punish room.

49 fascinating and intelligent grown-up graphic novels and comic books | Creative Boom

From blows to the head, falling from great heights, you name it. The clever and smart comics sometimes come in layers of two or three. In one instance, we see a bunch of pre-historic men fighting to death with clubs.

In present time, when their remains are discovered, there are cranial eruptions in their bare skulls. Mortadelo once managed to avoid getting bitten by a vampire in clever and smart comics neck Played straight and averted: The evil aliens send a few havoc-causing phlebotinum rocks to Spain And accurately, around the area the main characters live at that and when their leader appears at the end, he assumes that has caused ALL of humanity to be a mess.


Some one-page stories were written to promote the brand. They also had an earlier, better one with Zipi y Zape.

Clever & Smart (1972) – komplett

Depending on the Writer: While Ibanez's style is very well drawn particularly when it comes to buildings, ships, etc. It carries over to the BRB cartoontoo.

He's usually late delivering them, though.


In at least a short story it becomes a plot point. OK, you have an urgent necessity to go to the bathroom, but the unstoppable Muck Monster that clever and smart comics been terrorizing the city for the last week is obstructing clever and smart comics way.

What do you do? But, unfortunately, this does little to help him relieve himself. One episode contains a Running Gag where the two characters repeatedly drop onto a traffic light from great height, driving it deeper and deeper into the ground with each landing.

The final iteration shows the traffic light's base sticking out of the ground in China.

Mortadelo y Filemón (Comic Book) - TV Tropes

The thrown variant is often used. Dressing as the Enemy: The duo ran a detective agency of their own long before joining the T. The latter would wear jackets for a while after joining the organization.

Other TIA members chose differently colored versions of their base outfit before finally setting for one of them. In Desastre, a Mad Scientist threatens cities using several types of Doomsday Clever and smart comicsthe last one causing earthquakes and threatening the heroes' own city.