Composed by Clara Wieck Schumann, Robert Schumann of German lied, obvious in the main offering here: Robert's Op. 35 Kerner Lieder, a dozen songs that. Er ist gekommen in Sturm und Regen, He came in storm and rain. Friedrich Rückert , Op. 12 No. 2. Er ist gekommen in Sturm und. Clara Schumann was a celebrated pianist and prolific composer, but her Clara's surviving compositions reveals a range of music, from lieder.


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6 Lieder, Op.13 (Schumann, Clara)

In the late s, a number of songs—some clara schumann lieder to be lost, others completely unknown—were found. The search for Clara Schumann works continues and it is possible that additional songs will appear.


Robert Schumann had always urged her—even pressed her—to compose, and he undertook the necessary negotiations for publication. After his death, his wife gave up composition and devoted her clara schumann lieder to full-time concertizing, editing, arranging and teaching.

6 Lieder, Op (Schumann, Clara) - IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Though Clara forged ahead clara schumann lieder her performing career after her marriage, she remained, in many ways, a typical nineteenth-century wife, subordinating her needs to those of her husband and accepting the assumption that genius was an attribute of the male gender.

Clara schumann lieder 14 Marchfor example, she wrote to Robert: Despite the self-deprecatory remarks to be expected in a male-dominated societyClara was moved to create and was meticulous about her work, as we can see from the working drafts of her songs and the letters to her publisher.

A perfectionist, she insisted on seeing proofs again and again until they met with her approval. When Clara chose to include her own works in her programmes, she usually selected songs rather than piano compositions.

Single editions of many of her songs were also brought out and performed well into the twentieth century.

Complete Lieder of Clara Schumann: A Lyric Translation VOLUME I

The Texts Clara Schumann generally chose to set poems of two to three stanzas, exploring the themes beloved of the German romantics: One of her notable songs, Am Strande, was a translation of a poem by Robert Burns, the Scottish poet much admired by the Germans. Although she was not steeped in literature as Robert was, she was by no means ignorant of the poetry of clara schumann lieder day.

Beginning inshe and Robert began seeking out poems suitable for setting and copied them into a notebook which was treasured and utilized by both. Her writing for piano is impressive but never overpowers the text: Among her Lieder, most in modified strophic form, are lyrical and joyous melodies, dramatic narratives, and powerful songs of pain clara schumann lieder tragedy.

clara schumann lieder Her songs are numbered according to their position within the joint work. The cycle was conceived by Robert Schumann as a dialogue for two singers.

List of compositions by Clara Schumann - Wikipedia

As the melody line ascends, the emotional intensity increases; as the song closes, the voice descends in stepwise motion, the tension is relieved, and the piano postlude reiterates the happiness expressed in the text: A simple statement of love, with few embellishments but rich harmonies, clara schumann lieder was one of three Clara Schumann songs transcribed for piano by Liszt.

Opus 13, a collection of six songs, was assembled from songs clara schumann lieder between and Robert presumably chose the songs and negotiated for their publication in The collection is dedicated to Queen Caroline Amalie of Denmark with whom Clara became acquainted on her concert tour to Denmark in The piano completes the song in a slow and moving postlude.

The second version is more polished and conforming, a few measures shorter, but still a powerful and affecting song. The first clara schumann lieder unpublished version has a longer, reflective postlude, the second a more conventional closing as with Ich stand.

Hyperion Records

The clara schumann lieder versions permit a glimpse into the workshop of the composer: The most interesting aspects of Clara's songs usually are the piano parts, although in songs such as "Sie Clara schumann lieder sich Beide" Holzmair seizes the opportunity to display his ravishing diminuendos, which Clara has peppered throughout.

Most of Robert's songs are drawn from his Op.


These also are part of Bryn Terfel's Schumann program on DG where his outsized personality makes them come alive with star clara schumann lieder.

But Holzmair's more straightforward singing clara schumann lieder effective, and lest you think he's too withdrawn the program wallows in the despairing misery the German Romantics seem to have preferredhe does some terrific tipsy singing in the Op.

Cooper is no mere accompanist here; she's a full partner. Voice and piano are faithfully captured and balances are good, but occasionally Holzmair's bright timbre defeats the microphone placement and blasting ensues.