Discover the 10 Fastest Chess Opening Traps with FM Sebastian Fell to know So, you can play a good opening AND try to trick your enemy! Get the complete FREE course "7 Best Chess Opening Traps"; it contains 3 secret opening traps, which are. Traps and tricks are extremely popular with junior chess players. The young beginner starts out learning Scholar's Mate and, as their chess.


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Tricks 'n Traps in the Opening How many tricks and traps are there in the sea of opening theory?

Black ends up sacrificing two minor pieces in order to win the white queen. At first, it looks like Black is chess traps and tricks careless moves but after My students respond 3…Nf6.

The point here is that my students first learn how to deal with such a premature attack rather than learning the attack itself as a weapon. This does two things.

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This helps to reinforce the idea of using principled play rather than tricks and traps to win games. It should be noted that I am a student of tricks and traps and have nothing against them.

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Again, when the trick or trap fails, the person attempting to execute the positional chicanery ends up with a weaker position. Principled play should come before all else. Fajarowicz Trap This sneaky trap comes out of the Budapest Gambit opening.

Black chess traps and tricks up sacrificing two minor pieces in order to win the white queen.


The idea is Ng6 so why not take on e5? There are a fair number of victims of this trick and in some games white even continued to fight and eventually chess traps and tricks but right now, black is much better. The Steinitz trick 1.

The 10 Best Chess Traps

Ba4 d6 It is natural now to play 5. Nxd4 exd4 White should be aware that 8.

This also stems out of the Italian Opening but instead of White delivering the blows, it is Black who confounds White and controls the game although this trap would work only if White cooperates. Insights A common theme that these traps and tricks show us, besides attacking and putting pressure on the weakest squares of your opponent's position, is that one falls for these traps chess traps and tricks due to greediness for material and a general lack of understanding of the aim of certain moves which leads to slight inaccuracies and later on to major blunders.

Traps, especially those in the opening, may be fun to execute because your opponents would be surprised and might want to give up easily but these traps do not work for everyone, especially not on experienced players who know quite a bit about chess than the ordinary person.

Going for spectacular moves and daring to give up almost everything for the attack may be too risky at times because one misstep would usually cause the whole position of the attacker to collapse which is why many good tacticians do not neglect positional strategy chess traps and tricks a good position would always lead to a static or permanent advantage.


Tactics, though they are more dynamic, are only temporary depending on the short-term aspects of the position and may not always finish the job quickly. Rather, tactics should also just be a means to have a better position in the aftermath since not all tactics are decisive and some attacks may water down to nothing.

In general, do not panic when your opponent starts to give up his material to attack your king because not all attacks are fully realized or what are called premature attacks.

Simply analyze the position first and try to figure out what your opponent wants to do and if you see that there is no substance to his attack, then you can be at peace that you will be safe for the time being and you would not lose right then and there.

This line is chess traps and tricks unpopular nowadays because white has found chess traps and tricks sophisticated ways to play against it.

5 Opening Traps and Tricks Every Beginner Must Know

Tricks in the Spanish Opening The Spanish opening is one of the most solid openings for both sides and yet there are several lines that can be tricky for the beginner.

Chess traps and tricks 2 traps are quite effective among club players. The Berlin trick 1. A surprising move; is that even possible?