Baxter's Procrustes, by Charles W. Chesnutt (HTML at the English Server); [Info] Baxter's Second Innings, by Henry Drummond (multiple formats at CCEL); [Info]. This story is well written and clearly expressive of philosophical, logical, and illogical thoughts and ideas. Baxter's Procrustes serves as a. Remember, for our purposes satire is defined as a technique employed by writers to expose and criticize foolishness and corruption. Chesnutt uses satire as.


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Baxter's Procrustes - PDF Free Download

The story is purposely written in high-falutin' language, as that's the point of the mockery. The men basically sound like everyone you've baxter s procrustes heard in any Masters class, or in a philosophical meeting I have a philosophy degree, and I often sound like baxter s procrustes, very professorial, so I would know!

Now that I say this, I realize this song is probably about me.


So this member of such a club, Baxter, who disdains such clubs, and such members, and who has joined this club, apparently, so he can disdain it, and its members, is nominated to be the writer of the next limited edition.

That's how you know they're baxter s procrustes the highest literary quality, because nobody reads them, and nobody understands them. There's baxter s procrustes odd, and small, amount of truth to this.

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I'm thinking now of James Joyce. Being the disdainful guy that he is, he pulls a ruse. He submits a manuscript for the printing. As usual, the members keep them wrapped, and don't read them, and soon the expectations are so high that the extra copies sell well at auction, and nobody opens them and reads them because that would immediately lower their value.

There is ironic truth to this: It's still all the same cards, and the condition baxter s procrustes hypothetically--but never in reality--be the same as an unopened baxter s procrustes, but the unopened box has the, shall I say, virginal quality of never having been opened, so the quality of the cards inside is guaranteed to be in the best condition--if indeed the set is in there at all.

And you're the owner of something that no one else--including you--has ever opened baxter s procrustes fully seen.

Study Guide: Baxter’s Procrustes – Charles Chesnutt in the Classroom

It's a control, power and pride thing, I guess, on baxter s procrustes low scale. And, as the quality of the baseball card is often more important than the actual player on it, so is the case with limited edition books: The members the story is told by a club member responsible for publishing to the group a critique of the book are so enamored by the quality of the book itself, and its monetary value, that they never open it, even the guy who baxter s procrustes supposed to give a critique of it.

Yet he gave the critique, and answered questions about the book, by utilizing what he knew of Baxter's other writing, and beliefs, and attitude, and mixing all that in with baxter s procrustes high dose of intellectual-sounding jabberwocky, so that he came across as a very sophisticated critic and genius, without having ever opened the book.

Again, those of you who've been in upper-level classes in high school or college know how very easy this is to do.


I felt as though I was part of The Bodleian Club, or somewhere secretly there. Although I clearly understood the thought expressed, as a baxter s procrustes and a critique that appeared to be a misuse of punctuation. The ideas and views expressed provide delivered hope.

The concept was rather entertaining.


A century later, the club still exists, but it remains resolutely men-only. There he basked in the warm rays of friendship for which his lonely heart had yearned in the days of his youth in North Baxter s procrustes.

Procrustes is the name of a mythical highwayman who tied victims to a bed, fitting them to its length by stretching them or cutting off their legs.