Perkara asas fardhu 'ain (PAFA) & ayat-ayat hafazan PMR & SPM. Front Cover. Mohd. Azani Ghazali. - Islamic religious education. Ayat-ayat hafazan pelajar si ini dapat membantu anda dalam menghafal serta mendengar surah-surah hafazan setiap hari di mana sahaja anda. Ayat-ayat semesta sisi-sisi al-quran yang terlupakan, Ayat hafazan spm , Ayatul kursi in malayalam kambi kathakal. Wudhu tayammum ghusl o believers.


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Just take the plot and try to learn a few new words here and there.


I actually based my SPM trial essay of the movie Sejarah Sejarah I know too many of you is a killer subject. If you memorise facts for Sejarah, you can add them to your BM essay and they also help in your ayat hafazan spm knowledge for certain competitions like the Law Olympiad and what not.

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Make your own i-think maps based on the textbook or get it from a friend or an online source. Another thing I ayat hafazan spm quite regularly for Sejarah was a ton of exercises. My teacher would give us a lot of exercises after every topic. She accumulated all the past year questions by topic.

Every exam I would ayat hafazan spm buy the practice books to do. Make sure you do the practice questions as well as mark it and study the answer scheme.

AYAT HAFAZAN SPM for Android - APK Download

Try as many as you can, especially the KBAT questions. Discuss questions with your friends as this will enable you to share your ideas and get different answers. I did research my own source material but I preferred what my teacher gave me.

Make sure you reiterate the question statement ulang balik soalan. Be it from your teacher, friend, internet, books or magazines. ayat hafazan spm

Surah Hafazan SPM

Better to be over prepared then ayat hafazan spm having enough material. Make sure you understand each topic and how to answer the questions.

Do a lot of exercise. Whenever I was bored, I would do a maths practice book. While waiting for my parents to pick me up from school or tuition, while waiting for class to start, in between studying Chemistry and Bio.

Himpunan Ayat-Ayat Hafazan & PAFA - PMR & SPM

Some of us take maths so lightly till the point that we can finish paper 2 in 45 minutes but then end up getting 0 for all their graph questions thank god I only got my graph sections wrong and still ayat hafazan spm an 87 for my total sem ayat hafazan spm form 4 mark.

After that incident, I did my paper not twice but thrice. The first time I would do it on the actual paper, then I would do the questions again on a foolscap paper.

Then, I would do the paper a third time but mentally instead, just me tapping away at my calculator. In short, do a lot of exercises, ask your friends or teachers for help if you ayat hafazan spm it and DO NOT make silly mistakes.

Do your paper multiple times if you must.