Apego: a natureza do vínculo. Front Cover. John Bowlby. Martins Fontes, - pages Title, Apego: a natureza do vínculo. Volume 1 of Apego e perda. See contact information and details about John Bowlby y la teoría del apego - psicoanálisis. John bowlby 1. 1. John Bowlby Teoría del apego; 2. Biografía Bowlby nació el 26 de febrero del en Londres, Inglaterra.


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Family background[ edit ] Bowlby was born in London with upper-middle-income family.

John Bowlby - Wikipedia

He apego john bowlby the fourth of six children and was brought up by a nanny in the British fashion of his class at that time. The Bowlby family hired one nanny who was in charge of raising the children in a separate nursery in the house. Like many other mothers of her social class, she considered that parental attention and affection would lead to dangerous spoiling of the children.

Apego john bowlby was lucky in that the nanny in his family was present throughout his childhood.

Later, he was to describe this apego john bowlby tragic as the loss of a mother. Bowlby was extremely affected by the loss of his nursemaid Minnie as she acted as his mother substitute in a warm and nurturing way like a mother.

At the age of ten, he was sent off to boarding schoolas was common for boys of his social status.

John Bowlby

Anxiety and Anger, he revealed that he regarded it as a terrible time for him. He later said, "I wouldn't send a dog away to boarding school at age seven". Inhe wrote: If the child is maladjusted, it may be useful for him to be away for part of the year from the tensions which produced his difficulties, and if the home is bad in other ways the same is true.

The boarding school has the advantage of preserving the child's all-important home ties, even if in slightly attenuated form, and, since it forms part of the ordinary social pattern of most Western communities today [], the child who goes to boarding-school will not feel different from other children.

Moreover, by relieving the parents of the children for part of the year, apego john bowlby will be possible apego john bowlby some of them to develop more favorable attitudes toward their children during the remainder.

Career[ apego john bowlby ] In an interview with Dr. Milton Stenn in[10] Bowlby explained that his career apego john bowlby off in the medical direction as he was following in his surgeon father's footsteps. His father was a well-known surgeon in London and Bowlby explained that he was encouraged by his father to study medicine at Cambridge.

Therefore, he followed his father's suggestion, but was not fully interested in anatomy and natural sciences that he was reading about.

However, during his apego john bowlby at Trinity College, he became particularly interested in apego john bowlby psychology which led him to give up medicine by his third year.

When Bowlby gave up medicine, he took a teaching opportunity at a school called Priory Gates for six months where he worked with maladjusted children. Bowlby explained that one of the reasons why he went to work at Priory Gates was because of an intelligent staff member, John Alford.


Bowlby explained that the experience at Priory Gates was extremely influential on him "It suited me very well because I found it interesting. And when I was there, I learned apego john bowlby that I have known; it was the most valuable six months of my life, really. It was analytically oriented".

Bowlby studied psychology and pre-clinical sciences at Trinity College, Cambridgewinning prizes for outstanding intellectual performance.

After Cambridge, he worked with maladjusted and delinquent children until, at the age of twenty-two, he enrolled at University College Hospital in London.

At twenty-six, he qualified in medicine. apego john bowlby


While still in medical school, he enrolled himself in the Institute for Psychoanalysis. Following medical school, he trained in adult psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital. Apego john bowlbyaged 30, he qualified as a psychoanalyst.