Antonio Pigafetta was a key player of one of the most amazing world exploration was born in Vicenza in , and he was an Italian seafarer and. About the diary: The version used here is The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley as reproduced in. Antonio Pigafetta (Italian: ; c. – c. ) was an Italian scholar and explorer from the Republic of Venice. He traveled with the Portuguese explorer.


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Relazione del primo viaggio intorno al antonio pigafettawhich was composed in Italian and was distributed to European monarchs in handwritten form before it was eventually published by Italian historian Giovanni Battista Ramusio in — The account centers on the events in the Mariana Islands and the Philippinesalthough it included several maps of other areas antonio pigafetta well, including the first known use of the word "Pacific Ocean" Oceano Pacifico on a map.

However, it was not through Pigafetta's writings that Europeans first learned of the circumnavigation of the globe. Rather, it was through an account written by a Flanders -based writer Maximilianus Transylvanuswhich was published in Pigafetta also describes how to take the altitude of antonio pigafetta pole star to determine latitude, know the wind direction and other antonio pigafetta navigation problems.

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Mistakenly believed that antonio pigafetta direction of the antonio pigafetta coincided with the meridian of iron island. His description of the trip also includes details of the own navigation, as the description of the Sun at the Zenith, and forwards to readers interested in his own treatise on navigation and Aristotle.

About Antonio Pigafetta

The Voyage of Magellan. The Journal of Antonio Pigafetta.


Pigafetta's journal is the source for much of what we know about Magellan and Elcano's voyage. Antonio pigafetta least one warship of the Italian Navya antonio pigafetta of the Navigatori classwas named after him in Youth Pigafetta belonged to a rich family of Vicenza. In his youth he studied astronomy antonio pigafetta, geography and cartography.

The only other sailor to maintain a journal during the voyage was Francisco Albo, Victoria 's last pilotwho kept a formal logbook.

First Voyage Around the World by Antonio Pigafetta - Inkroci Magazine

Return[ edit ] Casa Pigafetta, his palace in Vicenza. Antonio Pigafetta, fascinating and fleeing personality, for antonio pigafetta he still represents a partial mystery. About him too little is known to define a antonio pigafetta profile on the biographical side. Documents and the testimony of contemporaneous are scarces, and his own character primarily appears from what he wrote in his own report.

Antonio Pigafetta | Revolvy

His own narration about the first world circumnavigation antonio pigafetta one of the greatest achievements in the history of navy antonio pigafetta and discovery.

In this narration can be found descriptions of peoples, countries, goods and even the languages that were spoken, of which the seafarer was trying to assemble some brief glossaries.

From there they sailed towards Brazil coastwhere they stayed for some time, making supplies and weaving friendly contacts with the cannibalistic natives who dwelled there. Moving on, then they arrived antonio pigafetta Patagonia, where they spent winter months in a desolate solitude.

They met local people, who looked like giants in their eyes full of wonder, because of their robust body types. They survived the mutiny of one of the captains and some disgruntled sailors, and continued the exploration of the coast.

Antonio Pigafetta

One of the vessels was drowned, but the whole crew managed to be saved. They proceeded until the discovery of the strait, named after, Magellan himself, on October 21stand went through, although one of antonio pigafetta ships deserted, sailing back to Spain.

The indigenous people, affected by the celebration of Mass antonio pigafetta the crucifix planted in the island, promised to convert to Christianity.