Anthony Colpo, trainer, athlete and author shares his secrets for achieving razor-sharp abs and single-digit body fat levels! Using the same methodical. Animal Rights & Vegan 'Ethicist' Peter Singer Thinks Sex With Animals is No Big Deal - Duration: 6 minutes, 15 seconds. 3, views; 2 years ago. A few days ago I got an email through the Protein Power website from Anthony Colpo. I won't reprint the email because I don't reprint personal.


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I ate a Spartan diet, was a teetotaler, and had never smoked a cigarette in my life, yet I felt awful. These anthony colpo disappeared when I settled into a low-carb diet.

Anthony Colpo's Books and Publications Spotlight

It quite literally gave me a new lease on life, but it seemed anthony colpo time I opened a magazine or logged onto the Internet, someone was virulently denouncing low-carb nutrition as some sort of dietary Russian roulette. I anthony colpo from my own first hand experience that this was nonsense.

Anthony colpo began to wonder exactly what was going on — why exactly did health authorities feel the need to dump all over low-carb diets? The common thread seemed to be that all these authorities recommended low-fat diets, and many anthony colpo them actually had a commercial interest in such recommendations.

So there was a definite conflict of interest there. You had organizations like the National Heart Foundation and the American Heart Association running highly lucrative programs where they received license fees from low-fat food manufacturers in exchange for official endorsements.

Plantpositive - 42 You Win, Anthony Colpo

Can those who profit from recommending a certain dietary paradigm really be anthony colpo to offer an impartial and reasoned assessment of alternative dietary paradigms? I began hitting the local medical libraries and checking the research for myself.


This was the beginning of a fascinating investigative journey, one that continues to this day. Mark You recommend a low anthony colpo diet as the best way to strip fat and build muscle. Anthony There are differing anthony colpo of what constitutes low-carb.

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I generally define low-carb as a baseline daily carbohydrate intake of under grams. This is not a hard-and-fast rule; what would be high-carb for a small female secretary might be very low-carb for a professional road cyclist.

Perhaps the major advantage of low-carb anthony colpo is that it helps bring blood sugar and insulin levels back under control. The key is to not let them climb to excessive levels, and unfortunately, carbohydrate-rich diets are often very effective anthony colpo spiking insulin and blood glucose to unhealthy levels.

The Fat Loss Bible by Anthony Colpo

Another big advantage of low-carb diets is that folks with less-than-optimal glycemic control will often notice dramatic improvements in their energy levels and sense of anthony colpo being.

Ketosis does not deliver any fat loss advantage, something that has been repeatedly borne out anthony colpo tightly controlled clinical trials, but it often brings along a whole bunch of unwanted baggage.


Yet another benefit is that, in many people, low-carb diets can exert powerful satiating anthony colpo. Michael and Mary Dan Eades is rubbish in your view. Can you briefly state why you have come to this conclusion.

The term was first popularized by the late Dr. Atkins, who claimed in his best-selling book that a person could gain weight on a high-carb diet of 2, calories yet lose weight on a low-carb diet of 2, calories. Metabolic Advantage Dogma, which bears the highly appropriate synonym of MAD, basically insists that by following a low-carb diet, one can lose weight on calorie intakes that on a high-carb diet would not produce fat loss or would even cause fat anthony colpo.

The theory is simply a dud. Over the last four decades, researchers have repeatedly tested the Metabolic Advantage theory in the most tightly controlled manner possible — that is, in metabolic ward studies — and anthony colpo has repeatedly shown itself to be a fantasy.

Metabolic ward studies are those where the participants are confined to a research facility for the duration of the study. The researchers supply the participants with carefully measured and prepared food to ensure that everyone is eating a truly isocaloric diet.

This is in stark contrast to free-living studies, where the researchers have no control over what the participants keep in their fridges and pantries, anthony colpo are basically powerless to stop them from anthony colpo non-allowed foods.

The Fat Loss Bible

While the metabolic ward anthony colpo I refer to are almost never mentioned by MAD proponents, they are more than happy to cite the results of free-living studies that showed greater weight losses in the low-carb group.

But there is a mountain of research showing that the self-reported intakes in free-living dietary studies are notoriously unreliable. Underreporting is the norm, not the exception in most of these studies, and it is those who are attempting to restrict fat and total calories that are the worst offenders.

As a result, many of these trials will give anthony colpo false impression that the low-carbers lost more weight by eating the same or even higher calories, when in reality they were eating less.