The whole premise of an airbag just sounds good, doesn't it? Instead of colliding with your car's steering wheel, dashboard or door, you get cushioned by a. An airbag is a type of vehicle safety device and is an occupant restraint system. The airbag module is designed to inflate extremely rapidly then quickly deflate during a collision or impact with a surface or a rapid sudden deceleration.‎Airbags · ‎Airplane airbags · ‎Airbag dermatitis · ‎Disambiguation. Airbags. You know what they are but do you really understand how they work? Read more about airbags with our informative fact sheet.


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The safing sensor is integrated into the airbag control unit.

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Airbags in car comprises a reed contact in a resin-filled tube and a ring-shaped magnet. The open airbags in car contact is located in a resin-filled tube over which the ring-shaped magnet is placed.

The magnet is held by a spring at the end of the housing. If force is applied, the magnet slides over the resin-filled tube against the spring force and closes the reed contact. This closes the contact for firing the airbags.

Airbags - Car Safety Features - RACQ

In the event of an accident, the control unit fires the generator. In the process, a trigger current heats up a thin wire that fires the firing pellet. As the process continues there is no explosion — instead, the airbags in car is burned. This propellant is made from sodium azide. The gas produced while the propellant burns expands and reacts with the oxidizer a substance which releases oxygen, such as copper oxide or iron oxide to form almost pure nitrogen which fills the airbags in car.

Due to the toxicity of sodium azide, other azide-free solid fuels are also airbags in car as propellant. These don't just form nitrogen when they react, but also carbon dioxide approx.

Airbag - Wikipedia

airbags in car The propellant is usually provided in the form of tablets, packed air-tight in the combustion chamber. Driver's airbag Rear of driver's airbag Which propellant is used depends on the size of the airbag and the required opening speed.


The resulting gas flows through a filter screen at a pressure of approx. The noise produced is similar to a gunshot.

How Airbags Work

It takes around 30 ms for the airbag to fully inflate. Newer systems use two-stage gas generators. Depending on the severity of the accident, the control unit fires the airbags in car firing pellets one after the airbags in car.

The shorter the interval between the firings, the faster the airbag will inflate. In any case, both gas generators are always fired in order to safely rescue the occupants from the vehicle.

Hybrid generators are used for the front passenger airbag or side airbag.

Car airbag system

These types of generators also use a second gas source in addition to the burnup gas. The pressure vessel is sealed by a diaphragm.


If the airbag is deployed, the propellant moves a piston that punctures the membrane and allows the gas to flow out. The gas produced when the propellant burns mixes with the gas in the airbags in car vessel.