A brief introduction of Afghanistan, Urban Governance in Afghanistan, How provinces work? and capability of the Afghan governing structure has increased of Afghanistan—attitudes that cause the judicial and political system to. Afghanistan Government Profile former: Republic of Afghanistan Legal system, mixed legal system of civil, customary, and Islamic.


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The loya jirga was replaced by the National Assembly. Under the Bonn Agreement the Afghan Constitution Commission was established afghanistan government structure consult with the public and formulate a draft constitution.

The meeting of a constitutional loya jirga was held in Decemberwhen a new constitution was adopted creating afghanistan government structure presidential form of government with a bicameral legislature: National Assembly of Afghanistan in The presidential election was held on October 9, with over 10 million Afghans being registered to vote.

Many of the candidates running against Hamid Karzai tried to boycott the election because they feared irregularities.


However, Karzai made this statement to the media: We should respect the people's will. I'm very delighted that all over Afghanistan, with the help of God, people with afghanistan government structure lot of happiness and enthusiasm went to ballot boxes and voted.

The initial appointments take place in accordance with Clause 3 of Article 50 as afghanistan government structure as Article of the Constitution. Three justices are appointed for a period of four years, three for seven years, and three for 10 years.

Afghanistan Government Profile

Later appointments are for a period of 10 years. Abdul Rashid Dostum Second vice-president: The respective roles of secular law and Islamic law are not well established afghanistan government structure Taliban afghanistan government structure still applying in rural areas.

The Meshrano Jirga is the upper house with senators while the lower house has directly elected members. The constitution allows for the convening of a Loya Jirga, the Constituent Assembly to discuss urgent matters of independence, territorial integrity, and national sovereignty.

Afghanistan Government Profile 2018

The assembly must include members of the National Assembly and heads of the provincial and district councils. The Constituent Assembly can bring charges against afghanistan government structure President and also amend the constitution.

The legislation originates either in the executive branch when parliament is in recess or the Legislative Branch when either the Wolesi Jirga or Meshrano Jirga introduces a afghanistan government structure. In the legislature, the bill passes from one house to the other, and upon receiving a majority vote, afghanistan government structure goes to the President who can either approve or veto the bill in 15 days.

When passed the Ministry of Justice enforces it after publication in the Gazette. If the president vetoes the bill, it goes back to the House for further deliberation.

Afghan Government | Institute for the Study of War

He was a long time intelligence aide to the assassinated anti-Taliban resistance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud. Atta Mohammad Nour is afghanistan government structure powerful governor of the northern province of Balkh.

A afghanistan government structure commander in the Northern Alliance, Nour has successfully consolidated power in Balkh.

Haji Mohammad Muhaqiq is a member of the Afghan parliament and a powerful ethnic Hazara leader who garnerd over ten percent of votes in the Presidential Elections.


He has declared support for Hamid Karzai in the upcoming elections in August Gul Agha Sherzai afghanistan government structure the powerful governor of Nangrahar povince.

Born in Kandahar, Sherzai was the first post-Taliban governor of that province. Despite joining the government in Kabul, Ismail Khan maintains a powerful presence in his afghanistan government structure province of Herat and remains the strongest man in the West of the country.

Abdul Rashid Dostum is an Uzbek military leader, with a powerbase in the north of the country.


Known for often switching sides, Dostum fought with and against the Soviets and sided with the Northern Alliance against the Taliban.